EU Hotel Pinboard is the 1st free photo sharing site for European hotels.

The idea is based on the new social media phenomenon, Pinterest with a rapidly increasing user base the site where quite a number of Hotel Photos had been shared already >>>

Users, hoteliers and guest alike can create virtual bulletin boards to “pin” hotel images from around the web or form their computers.

It’s basically a bookmarking site for great images of European Hotels.

When a user pins a photo to one of their boards, the image links back to the original website thus dramatically increasing the ranking of hotel websites.

After a very short period of time, usually after two weeks of pinning and repinning images with strong and relevant keywords to EU Hotel Pinboard hotel names can be ranked within the 1st two pages of Google organic search  for both textual and image search.

Due to its photo-centric design, this social network can act as a valuable tool to increase inbound traffic to hotel websites or to a hotel Facebook page.

All pictures shared on EU Hotel Pin Board contain a click-through link back to the source – all the more reason to upkeep your website with high quality photography >>>

Think of it as ‘curb appeal’ for your property. You give users of the site a sneak peak of what’s in store for when they visit your website, and hopefully, they will book when they arrive onsite.

Have a look at it and join to promote photos of great European Hotels!


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