Google Image Search statistics – good news for Hotels

Google has recently redesigned its search results pages (SERP), shifting its toolbar from the side to the top of the screen.

The toolbar lets users search under different categories, including “Web” “Images” “Sites with Images” and more. It is on US pages at the moment, but Google said it wants to make them available for users in other languages and regions, incliding Europe “as soon as we can.”

The goal, it explained, was to create a “simpler, cleaner” interface, and to create a “consistent search experience” across many devices and screen sizes.

OK. Now what’s in it for the hospitality marketing ?

Let’s see the new toolbar first:

Google Serp Hotel Site Images

Google Serp Hotel Site Images – chek the SERP by clicking on the image above

Above we highlighted  “Sites with Images” for a good reason. Travellers search for hotels and most importantly for hotel images and if you haven’t checked Google Trends recently, we have some good news for you!

The word HOTEL is in the top three of searches in the Travel category. Check it out for yourself and play with the data >>>

Image search for hotel

Image search for “hotel”

If you compare the trend in textual and visual (image) search you will see a declining trend in textual search, while search for hotel images proves to be steady over the years.

Google Trend Hotel Image Search

Google Trend Hotel Image Search

Visuals, such as photos, videos and virtual tours are one of the most important assets in digital marketing for hotels and the best tools in attracting guest, increasing bookings. Since the internet is becoming more and more visual you, as a hotel marketing professional have two great tools to increase engagement. These are Pinterest and especially EU Hotel Pinboard. Please check out our blog entries and learn more about the benefits of pinning hotel visual elements >>>

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