Hotel Virtual Tours can be Pinned – New Feature on EU Hotel Pinboard

We are glad to announce that starting form October, 2012 not only hotel photos, videos and promotions can be pinned to EU Hotel Pinboard, but also Hotel Virtual Tours with 360° panoramic images.

Why we consider it as an important step forward? Because we all know that visal elements are significant factors in the hotel booking decision process.

A hotel website with a virtual tour will receive 50% more views than a competitor’s site without a virtual tour. 54% of holiday shoppers, who are searching for their next destination, will skip over listings that do not provide multiple images and / or virtual tours.

How to pin a Hotel Virtual Tour?

Basically the method of pinning hotel Virtual Tours to EU Hotel Pinboard is very similar to pinning a Hotel Promotion (see our help here).

You just need to enter the special character of “@” in the description field, easy. Here is a simple example: you enter “Virtual Tour @ Hotel Magnolia, Antaly, Turkey” and your pin will appear in the Main Menu of Hotel Virtual Tours of the site.

How to pin a Hotel Virtual Tour to EU Hotel Pinboard?

How to pin a Hotel Virtual Tour to EU Hotel Pinboard?

Not all hotel virtual tours are equal and some will not pin easily due to some limitations. Pages that contain only the virtual tour in Flash / JAVA application will not pin. You need to find a page on the site that has an image linked to the virtual tour page. In case you run into difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will dou our best to help you.



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