Travellers Search, watch Hotel Videos and your Hotel can easily be found via Eu Hotel Pinboard – Fact

You, as a Hotel Marketer know that travellers do search the internet when they plan for holiday or a business travel. But how do they do it?

You can learn about it from the 2012 Traveler  study by clicking here. It reveals Google’s latest findings and observations of the travel shopping journey. It includes new and interesting insights about how leisure and business travelers are researching and booking trips and how travel search is changing as mobile adoption rates continue to grow.

Key findings include:

  • 96% of travellers have started their hotel planning with a search

  • over 90% of business and leisure travellers watch (hotel) videos online

  • 66% plan to spend more time shopping around before booking

  • Tablet usage during travel shopping has increased by 180% (US)

Why we are telling these to you? Because EU Hotel Pinboard has a great feature to pin hotel videos that if properly keyworded, pinned and repinned will fly your Hotel to the top of searches – see hard facts here >>>

Google The 2012 Traveller

Google The 2012 Traveller – study says that lookers watch Hotel Videos.. and they watch a lot… over 96% of them! So why don’t you pin your Hotel Videos to EU Hotel Pinboard?

Join us and pin your Hotel Videos to EU Hotel Pinboard today >>>

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